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My Bruce Irvin pwnz! - Small-Time Superhero [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
MC Soy

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My Bruce Irvin pwnz! [Jun. 21st, 2006|12:36 am]
MC Soy
[BGM |Tekken 5 DR - Cathedral]

. . . pwnz scrubs at least.

And so, a buncha arcade scrubs say "hey, Bruce Irving sucks, man. He's got no skills."

Me - "Yeah. uh huh, right, okay."

Scrub 1 - "Naw man, Bryan Fury is where it's at!"

Scrub 2 - "Or liek, Heihachi man, Heihachi!"

Scrub 3 - "No way, man, Asuka or Christie! Bitches!"

*watches the three play Tekken 5 for like, a few minutes. They play like 5 year old tards, like they don't know where the hell the right kick button is half the time.*

Me - "All right. Let me jump in here." *picks Bruce*


3 rounds, 60 secs. And I'm using the stick, I suck with the stick.

Round 1 - Bruce vs. Christie - 3 rounds, 2 perfects, no losses.

Scrub - Naw man, rematch!

Round 2 - Bruce vs. Christie - 3 rounds, 1 perfect, 1 juggle that hits with wall splat for at least 85 - and not using b+4,3,4. Low parried every move he got. Oh, and no losses.

Round 3 - Bruce vs. Bryan - 3 rounds, landed same juggle three times in 1 round, countered with ff+2 the entire match next round, counetered with b+3 last round. No losses.

Scrub 2 - Bullshit! WTF was that?

Me - Uh, countering.

Scrub 2 - That's cuz you can't win the real way.

Round 4 - 3 rounds, ambushed his Bryan with no juggles - just straight up fast f+2 and mixups.

Rounds 3 - 50 later, total tally - Won 48 matches, lost 2 - First time, cuz my phone rang and carried a phone conversation, losing the first time, and then winning the second time - while on the SAME PHONE CONVERSATION. Second time, because I used 1 button the entire match.

Yeah, I rename my Tekken 5 Bruce "Scrub-Killer"

[User Picture]From: rice_n_chives
2006-06-26 11:47 pm (UTC)
Then I'm like, hwoarang bitches! spin kick, spin kick... WHOA!!! Low block... the undiscovered art, juggle...juggle... dead! BOOYAH!
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From: kleavonbradshaw
2006-07-17 04:40 pm (UTC)
Y'know, if you want some competition, I know a guy who was once so awesome with King that he was banned from using him.
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