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MC Soy

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Die HARD! [Jul. 21st, 2006|07:08 pm]
MC Soy
Hurray for internet forums:

POSTED BY SurleyMcDouchebag

So i just had an idea for an awesome B movie full of violence, nudity, and wonderfully cheesey obscenity. And remember this is an intentional B movie.

It is called Angel Lust, i will reveall why later. We follow five nubile girls at a Catholic College in upstate New York. We see them go to a party on a weekend at a nearby college's frat and each hit on a guy, telling them that the next night they will sneak out after curfew and meet them all in the woods, cuz they have to be back to school before breakfast.

The next night they meet, party and start to seduce the guys, after sutably arousing them they slit their throats and and position them on the ground, then have sex with their bodies. This is possible thanks to the death erection, also known as "Angel Lust" that occurs after death.
They proceed to have a long, bloody orgy finishing with lesbian sex. After that, the rest of the movcie doesn't matter much, i guess people should find out and go after them, but i would probably just have them do it successfully again, and make it even crazier, to really get the most out of it. Then a virgin geek rushing the Frat figures out they were with the guys who disappeared and confronts them. They attempt to seduce him, but he resists, fighting killing them then necrophiling their corpses for good measure. (thanx to Phooey for inspiring my ending)

So there you go, murderous necrophiliac bisexual catholic school girls in "Angel Lust"

who wants to see this movie happen?




"Because when they die, they die hard."